Figure Cases

All of our figure cases are manufactured in the UK by a company renowned for its quality and standards. All of the cases are hand finished and examined to ensure the quality. The materials used, from the 600 Denier Nylon outer layer, which is padded on the interior, to the Polypropylene sheet inner walls for rigidity, are all added to ensure your miniatures have the best protection available, with the flexibility required from a case to allow you to safely remove the miniatures after transporting them. We believe in the quality of our Figure Case range so much, we will offer a 5 year guarantee with our cases. This covers the case completely from everything other than malicious damage.

Figure Cases Product Name Product price
53be70b111722 Skirmish figure case £25.00 (inc VAT)£20.83 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53be7207077a4 The Legion figure case £220.00 (inc VAT)£183.33 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53be731f79c76 The Maxi figure case £85.00 (inc VAT)£70.83 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53be73ebe6d1b The Midi figure case £70.00 (inc VAT)£58.33 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53be74b1d0d91 The Mini figure case £50.00 (inc VAT)£41.67 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53ea2e9e46c45 The Super figure case £110.00 (inc VAT)£91.67 (exc VAT) Buy Now
53ea33662935c The Barbarian figure case £140.00 (inc VAT)£116.67 (exc VAT) Buy Now
545be3cdd85c6 Battalion figure case £45.00 (inc VAT)£37.50 (exc VAT) Buy Now
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