Welcome to the new look Figures In Comfort website

As the title says, welcome to the new look website.

You will find all of your favourite FIC items still on sale on the website, we have gone for a redesign and freshen up of our look.

We think that the website looks more appealing and have made some of the items more user friendly, especially the Foam Tray Wizard, where you just have to click on your tray selection to add it to your case. Of course, hovering your cursor over the tray name will also bring up an image of that tray as well.

We have also tidied up our show calendar, making it easier to view, and by clicking on the show name, you will be directed to the show’s own website for further information and details.

Now that this is in place, we will have a few new items to put onto the website, so watch for these over the next few days.

Obviously, while developing the new site, there may be a couple of bugs/faults that we have not come across during testing. If you encounter any, please let us know straightaway so that these can be rectified.

We would like to thank WillHosts for their work in putting this together.


Erik Priessman